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Message From CEO

Kohala project is the China Three Gorges Corporation by China Three Gorges South Asia Investment Co., Ltd. to boot development in Pakistan of large hydropower station. This project is mainly based on electricity generation, installed capacity 1124MW, the annual average generating capacity is about 5200GWh, it is China first hydropower in Pakistan to invest in the construction more than one million installed station project. In December 2015 Kohala Hydro Company Private Limited was awarded LOS from PPIB, finally locked the Kohala project development rights. According to the relevant agreement, after 30 years operation by China, this power station will transferred to Pakistan free of charge.

The construction of the plant will ease the tension in the power Pakistan at a certain extent; improve the problem of energy shortage in Pakistan, this power station will provide clean energy for Pakistan about 5 TWh each year. At the same time in the power plant construction period, it can create a large number of jobs for the local and related industries. This will be a great significance to the economic construction, social development and the promotion of the people's livelihood in Pakistan. Therefore, it is necessary to build Kohala hydropower plant as soon as possible, and it is very urgent.

We uphold the concept of China Three Gorges Hydropower Development Corporation “Build a hydropower station to stimulate the local economy, improve the local environment and benefit the resettled residents”, and we become the vanguard of Pakistan energy investment, dedication excellent project for Pakistan.

We hope that the community can support and care for KHCL and the construction of the project. We express our sincere gratitude.

We are willing to work with Pakistan friends sincerely to cooperate, seek common development, sharing the fruits of development, and jointly create a bright future

Zhang Jun


Kohala Hydro Company (Private) Limited